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What a fun loving boy you are Xander! You definitely have a smile that can light up a room, and your bubbly personality made photographing you a lot of fun! You sure had us laughing and in great spirits while we were around you, that is quite a gift you possess!


Xander has Bardet-biedl syndrome, just like his sister Savannah.  He spent his first few weeks in the NICU because he was born with pneumonia and he had low oxygen levels.


Xander started working with Kids On The Move when he was four months old. They are helping him reach his milestones. He has had to have a few surgeries, but he never lets that slow him down! He is attending a pre school for autistic children. He has had wonderful teachers there and he is accomplishing many new things!  He also loves to run and play outside! He loves to climb everything. He loves books, especially ones about dinosaurs! He loves knights, dragons, puppies, and dinosaurs!


“Xander’s super hero name would be XanderMan! It’s just a fun nickname! He is this little boy but he has such a huge personality that we love!! His powers would be his compassion for others. He always knows when someone needs a hug. And he makes everyone laugh! “


“I love how independent he thinks he is. He is very stubborn yet he is so cuddly and loving! I think it’s so cute how he likes to pretend he is a puppy! (He takes it to the extreme sometimes) 🙂 it’s so funny!” -Nicole (Xander’s mother.)


Xander has accomplished sleeping in a bed and sleeping almost through the night. This is HUGE, just ask any special needs parents! He is making great strides with his speech! He is a very helpful and polite young man.

IMG_0609Xander, it is easy to see that you and your sister must have amazing parents, because you both possess such incredible characters! You too have accomplished so much despite the challenges set before you. We have enjoyed getting to know you, and I am excited to keep up with your family’s journey. You are such a sweet and fun boy, and no denying that you are a True Superhero!!

Stay tuned for our next episode featuring Super Connor.

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  1. Robin Jensen
    December 23, 2013

    He is my super hero. He is all boy. I get a big kick out his mom tells me the things he does, since his mom grew up with 5 brothers. I have to remind her that is the way her brothers were. Full of life, just keeps on giving going, never a dull monument when Xander man is around.


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