The Sensational Simon

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Awww, sweet, sweet Simon! It was wonderful to finally meet the incomparable artist behind Simon’s Hands! What a sweet spirit emanated from this darling boy. So lovable, and patient with us. He was our last True Hero of the day, so we really savored the last shoot of the day.


Simon has Trisomy 11Q Monosomy 20P, he is very unique in he is the only one with that specific diagnosis. Under that umbrella is Epilepsy, CP, Deaf/Blindness, Reflux, Hypoglycemia.


His superhero name is The Sensational Simon. His super powers are telekinesis, the clap of thunder, lightening fingers.  His favorite things are lights and music, mostly things with a beat. He loves the Grinch and especially the song, “He’s a mean one….” He also loves his brothers so much. He got to meet the Grinch on his recent Make A Wish trip and he was in heaven!


Simon loves Reggae, Joe Bonomassa, his special music and light toy.  He loves it when his mom dances and sings for him.  He has learned how to clap and verbalize in a pattern.  Simon has accomplished so much. He shimmies around the room like nobody’s business. He can keep the beat to any song with a beat and he has great taste in music. His favorite is Joe Bonamassa right now, but he really seems to be taking to duets lately. P!NK, Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons are new favorites (you’re in good company with those last two Simon! And they both came from Utah!). Even when he’s sick and in pain, music helps ease him.


“He is expressive, mischievous, stubborn, happy.  I love it when he sucks his tongue.  He looks like a little bunny.  My favorite thing is his wiggle. He wiggles when he’s happy and I ask him if he’s wiggly, wiggly wack! He smiles and sucks his tongue and wiggles some more. His smile can light up three counties.” – Valorie, Simon’s mother.


You certainly are “sensational” Simon!  We are honored we got to meet you.  You are an amazing boy that is defying so many odds and I have no doubt you will continue to do so.  You are and inspiration to many and we’re glad you made it to the event.  You are one unique True Superhero!  If you would like to see more about Simon’s Hands and his amazing artwork, click here.


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  1. Valorie
    March 23, 2014

    Mad Love seems to be his very favorite Neon Trees song. I think that’s why he’s liking duets. The contrast in voices.


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