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What a fun little guy this one was! If you can’t tell that from these pictures, you might have some perception problems 😉 SuperSmiley is a very accurate Superhero name for Andrew! I don’t think we got a single shot of him NOT smiling! That was when we could catch him of course! But there wasn’t a dull moment while he was in the studio, that is for sure!


Andrew has Down syndrome.  His parents did not know he had Down syndrome until after he was born. 3 hours after he was born he turned blue and was rushed to the nursery where he was given oxygen. Andrew stayed in the nursery for a week. He had a tough first year,  he had 18 hospitalizations.  He has had everything from pulmonary hypertension, holes in his heart, requiring oxygen, throat surgery, influenza B, croup, pneumonia, failing swallow studies, requiring a feeding tube and more.


Andrew was in a cutest baby contest for Masterpiece Images in Ogden and won grand prize and had over 2,000 votes!


“He is ALWAYS happy. And his smile melts my heart.  He always has a smile on his face and can put a smile on your face in a sec!”  Tami- Andrew’s mother.


Andrew is a high functioning child. He is crawling, moving along furniture, feeds himself, walks with a walker, and can go up the stairs by himself.  Andrew loves music and being tickled.


Well SuperSmiley, you sure put a smile on our faces, as well as tickled our very souls! What a sweetiepie! Andrew also had his big sister with him that day, and what a good big sister she is! It has been such a delight to know this little family. FYI, his family is running a fundraiser for his medical expenses and if you feel so inclined to donate, here is the link. Keep smiling SuperSmiley and I’m sure you will win over the hearts of any and all who are lucky enough to see that beautiful smile! You certainly are a True Superhero and we’re glad to have met you!


  1. Tami
    February 26, 2014

    This turned out awesome!! Thank you so much

  2. Anonymous
    February 27, 2014

    Yep! And I still love those chubby cheeks!


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