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Sweet Savannah, what a bright, fun and cute girl! So very easy to photograph her with her cool karate moves she kept whipping out! Super Bug was sure super fun, and we were happy to meet her and her sister!


 Savannah has Stevens Johnson Syndrome (which is a rare, serious disorder affecting the skin and mucous membranes), has had an appendectomy, lung problems, sleep apnea and has a misshaped heart.


 Savannah loves music, art, retro colors, school, and crafting. She’s happy to color life away. Her favorite thing in the world is her Grandpa. She has a yellow belt in karate and has gotten all A’s every year!


 “Savannah is super sweet, kind hearted and loves just about everyone. My kid can do anything.” – Michelle, Savannah’s mom


Savannah with her little sister, Kennedy


Well SuperBug, you certainly showed us that maybe a misshaped heart means it is more full of love! We certainly enjoyed our short time with you and your family, and are proud to add you to our True Superheroes!

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