Super Jared

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So much to say about this little ball of energy!! He never set his little plane down that he had, and was flying all around the studio like he was a plane himself! It was easy to perceive he was very intelligent, but that would’ve been a little easier to assess had he sit still for more than 5 seconds…. but we sure enjoyed this little man! He was so fun!!


Jared was born four weeks early.  He was born with a number of birth abnormalities.  He was missing one kidney and the remaining kidney was very sick and only barely functioning.  He had a  kidney transplant at the age of 2.  He received his miracle from a deceased donor that is still anonymous.  They will be forever grateful for him and his family.  Jared also had club feet, and is hearing impaired.  He still has a g-tube and still has no interest in food.  The doctors believe that he has a syndrome of some kind but that has not been able to be diagnosed.  He is delayed and some things are hard for him but a delight to all who know him!  He is a little miracle!


Super Jared can make everyone feel happy with his contagious personality, and can transport you to amazing places with his vivid imagination!  Jared LOVES angry birds!  If you can talk angry birds with him then you will immediately win his heart.  🙂  He also likes airplanes, and cars and loves to talk about space, comets, black holes, and asteroids.


Jared is going to 1st grade this year in a regular classroom with an aide! Jared has had so many blood draws in his little life and is super brave for them. He hasn’t cried for one in several years. He is very brave! He had a kidney transplant at age two! That is amazing!!!!


“Jared has a delightful personality.  He is always happy and generally cheerful.  He is extremely friendly and loves to go up to anyone he sees to say ‘hi’.  He says some of the funniest things and makes the best sound effects.  He has an amazing little imagination and is usually in some far away place.  He makes us smile and laugh all of the time.”-Rebecca, Jared’s mother


Well Super Jared, our time with you seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye! But we will never forget your vivacious spirit, your curious nature, and your looks of true wonderment. We were amazed with you! You are one truly fantastic True Superhero!

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