Super J

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Super J!! My heart melted when I laid eyes on this darling boy with the darling outfit, and that glorious head of curls! And what a sweetheart too! The cameras sure loved him, and so did we! He did decide he was done with us after too long, but it was ok, because we got enough 🙂


Jayson was born full-term without the knowledge of any medical conditions.  When Jayson was a month and a half he caught RSV and had difficulty recovering.  He was in the hospital for a long period of time and was diagnosed with several conditions.  Many therapists and specialists came up with a long list of diagnosis: Unknown genetic syndrome, Chiari I Malformation, C1 ring hypoplasia, severe laryngomalacia, central and obstructive apnea, GERD, aspiration, G tube fed, O2 dependent, hypotonia, nystagmus, Duane Syndrome, chronic constipation, dysphagia, seizures, possible Sandifer Syndrome, bradycardia, craniofacial abnormalities, chronic lung disease, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, and headaches. Through all of this Jayson has an amazing, positive disposition and loves to smile, laugh, play, cuddle and holler.

IMG_0889Super J has super strength, magical hair, mind-to-mind communication, super-intelligence, super senses, healing powers and longevity.


The fact that Jayson is alive is a huge accomplishment! He has stopped breathing on three different times and required intervention to breathe again. He has also survived two brain surgeries and 8 other surgeries.


“Currently Jayson is making incredible progress! He learned to crawl in July, at 19 months, and has since learned to pull up to furniture, cruise furniture and is starting to walk with a walker. He is seriously defying all odds!  Jayson is positive and happy, loves to laugh and smile.  He is very silly and has a great sense of humor.” -Tristin, Jayson’s mother.


Well Jayson, you certainly won us over, even if the feeling wasn’t quite as mutual 😉 We certainly felt the power of your magical hair and sweet disposition. Keep defying those odds as we know you will! You are an adorable boy with a lot of tenacity and determination, it is easy to see you probably get your way a lot 😉 We were glad to meet you and your wonderful parents, and you are definitely a True Superhero!

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  1. Tami
    March 11, 2014

    I loved watching this shoot!!! He is SOOO sweet!


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