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Sadly I wasn’t there when Isa had her shoot, but I’m told she was probably our most excited and willing Superhero ever! So I’m very sorry I did miss it! She was happy and willing to do everything from dressing up to each of her poses, and what a beautiful girl too.  Isa is our next feature in our True Superheroes of Chromosome 18. Isa has 18p-.  Isa and her family are from Sweden, so they traveled a long way to the conference in Salt Lake City!


Isa has had to deal with feeding issues since birth.  She also deals with anxiety and fine and gross motor skills.  She loves to talk! She also loves her friends, my little ponies and school, where her favorite subject is math.  She has found alternative solutions to overcome her issues with fine and gross motor skills, like writing, eating and even riding a bike.  And this year, she started riding the public bus to school all by herself.



“Isa has a great sense of humor and laugh! She is always happy and tries to see the positive things in life.  She has the ability to focus on the now, not look back on bad things that happened in the past. ” -Kristina, Isa’s mother.


IMG_6648-EditSuper Isa’s super powers include- being positive and happy, to forgive and forget when other children are mean, and to always see the good in others.  Those are some of the best True Superhero strengths I’ve seen! What an amazing girl and now an amazing True Superhero! Keep up the positivity Super Isa, keep overcoming those challenges, and keep seeing the good in everyone and you will continue to soar!

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  1. Jaci
    September 19, 2015

    I also have 18p- like super Isa. I’m probably alot older, than her. However, I would like to meet her. I don’t drive, so it is is hard to get to 18 chromosome conferences out of state. Maybe if super Isa parents are ok with it we could try to talk over Google hangout.


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