Super Connor

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This post will be a little different than our others, because Connor is not only a True Superhero, but he has now gained wings and become a true Angel. On December 23rd 2013, Connor left this world. He had struggled for quite some time due to his complications, but he fought a very valiant fight until the very end. We are so glad that we were able to capture some of his last pictures. I attended his funeral service today, and it was an amazingly spiritual, uplifting and touching experience. Connor’s family is amazing, especially his mother Crissy and his big sister Aubrey. I really consider myself very lucky that I have met them.


My first impression of Connor was like many, seeing his amazing, soul searching blue eyes. I am told what a powerful way he had communicating with these eyes. You will see them in these pictures, but you cannot imagine what they are like in real life. Even before I knew anything about his eyes, I could feel their power. What was even just as powerful, was the bond that was clearly evident between Connor, his mother and sister. The love between them all was so powerful, you could feel it. That is not something that will go away. Crissy and Aubrey will always have Connor with them because they loved him so perfectly and absolutely while he was here on earth. This was all while I only spent less than a half an hour with them.


Connor was our first True Superhero to come with a “Tiny Superhero” cape, but not our only one that day. We think what they’re doing is pretty great, and you can see Connor’s Tiny Superhero post here. And please consider donating to their cause here.


Connor was never technically diagnosed, but he has an ‘unspecified movement disorder’ and a ‘degenerative brain disease’. His family has been searching for answers to these things since he was 3 months old, always with hope in their hearts for this beautiful boy. Connor saw many doctors and specialists all over the country in his 6 years.


Connor’s super powers are bringing people closer to heaven just by holding him or being near him. He has superhuman strength to endure what his body puts him through daily. He is exceptionally beautiful, with abnormal amounts of cuteness radiating from his body.

“Connor has never formed a ‘real smile’, however I see him smile through his eyes.”  “He has managed to go through a life of struggle and pain and unanswered questions so bravely…. He is so strong. He is a fighter…… He is the sweetest, strongest, most beautiful boy I know. He radiates light.”  Crissy (Connor’s mom)


In closing, I want to explain why I tried to refrain from the past tense when talking about Super Connor…. no other explanation than I just didn’t want to, nor did I feel it was right when I thought it in my head. I believe that is because he is not “past tense”. He is still here, very much here. He is living on in his sister, have you seen her eyes? He is living on in his mother, because like I mentioned earlier, and many others did at his funeral…. a bond like that doesn’t go away…. it can’t. Connor, you sure made your way into our hearts….. and countless others! We are also not the only ones who see you as the True Superhero you are. You may not be physically here with us anymore, but your story will live on, and that is power. We will forever keep you in our hearts just like “your song” says “You’ll be in my heart, yes you’ll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forever more.” -Phil Collins

To learn more about Connor, his mother has a beautiful blog you can see here.

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