Super Antonio

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Right at first glance, it was easy to see that Antonio was an adventure lover! And that was later confirmed when his mother let us know that he recently flew in a paraglider, wow! I love that he chose the pink and purple set, there was no doubt he could rock it with his mohawk and swagger! We also discovered that this was not our first encounter with Super Antonio…. We also caught this epic picture of him stealing a kiss from Princess Ariel at the Cure Search Walk in September.


Antonio has CHARGE Syndrome. He is classified as deaf/blind multiply disabled. When he was born his parents were told he would never sit, crawl, walk, run….. Looks like he’s completely proving them wrong there!


Antonio loves Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland pirates, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, basically anything Disney junior. He loves to go on rides, the bigger and scarier the better. He really enjoyed his paragliding a few weeks ago and wants to do it again. He signs “Antonio fly”.


“He is happy and loving. He is so curious about everything around him.  Last year in 9th grade he won an award for art. This was in general education. I am so proud of him.”        -Erica (Antonio’s mother.)


Super Antonio is able to make people laugh and smile with a single hug, smile, or kiss.


Our lives were made better after meeting you Antonio! Keep reaching for the sky, you are a True Superhero to all that know you!

Stay tuned for our next episode featuring Super K.


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  1. Shauna Tanner
    November 30, 2013

    Antonio was my student for several years. He is quite a kid. I will never forget him, he lives his life with more vigor than anyone I know!


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