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We certainly were excited to meet Aaron since his condition is similar to our daughter’s (same chromosome affected), and there are so few of us around! What a sweetheart he was as well. I was especially touched about the way his mother advocated for Aaron’s siblings to be there with him, saying they all experience his challenges and are a great support to him. These pictures with his brother Michael make them that much more special. What a wonderful family, so happy to have met them!


“He has the power to change people’s moods from sad to happy with his smile.  So his smile is his superpower, and it carries the power of love.  He’s just a happy kiddo.  Sometimes he can be sad, but I’ve never seen him angry. He radiates love.”  Rebekah-Aaron’s mother.


Aaron has Trisomy 18 and is developmentally about 6-8 months old.  He is trached and vent and oxygen dependent.  He’s also mostly deaf, but loves music!


Michael, it’s easy to see what an amazing big brother you are to Aaron! It is amazing siblings like you that make the world a better place! You too are a True Superhero, thanks for who you are!


Aaron’s mother blogs at Compatible with Joy, the title of her blog for Aaron is significant because doctors call Trisomy 18 “not compatible with life”, well Aaron has already defied quite a lot of odds and is thriving, he is amazing! Aaron, no doubt that you are a True Superhero, we certainly are astounded with you! Keep Smiling “SmileMan”, show the world just how compatible with JOY you are!

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