Savannah Love

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I really cannot say enough about Savannah. She completely encompasses every sense of the word, sweet. And such a fitting last name too….. Love. A beautiful girl inside and out. We really didn’t spend much time with any of the kids we photographed this day, but it was amazing how easy it was to get a sense of every single one of their characters in the few minutes we were with each of them. Savannah was no exception. From that beautiful curly, red hair that any girl could be insanely jealous of….. to that bright, sparkling smile that radiated from her entire body! She definitely was not shy of our camera, and we captured some great poses all of her own creation! We really didn’t tell her to do anything, she just did 🙂


Savannah has Bardet-biedl syndrome, which includes obesity, ritnitis pignatosa like eye degenerative eye disease, polydactyl, kidney and liver defects, gentaila defects, mental-delay with autistic-like features.


Savannah  loves anything pink and princess! She is a very girly-girl and loves to dress-up, have her nails painted, and she loves to dance! She loves being outside and playing with her girl cousins! She is always smiling! All of this we were privileged to see 🙂


Savannah goes through challenges every day with food. She can’t have treats and she can only have a limited amount of calories per day.  Apples have become her favorite snack.  Savannah has been through many surgeries and has come through them an even stronger person.  She has been learning Braille and is going above and beyond expectations! She is surprising her teachers and her family every day with what she knows and how much she can do. She takes on challenges and conquers them.


“I just love how happy savannah is she is always so joyful and makes everyone around her smile. She loves everyone! She loves going to school and loves to learn! She cares so much for her little brother. She likes to help him and give him hugs even if he doesn’t want them.” 🙂


“Savannah’s (Superhero) name is “Savannah Love” which completely fits her because she is just full of love for everyone! She gives everyone hugs and make you feel so special to her. She says the sweetest things. Her super power is showing us how to love everyone, no matter how different they are, and to look at the world differently and see its beauity. She sees everything differently than we do and finds the joy in the small things. I admire her for that and for this and more she is our super hero! ” -Nicole (Savannah’s mom)


Savannah, we truly cherished our small amount of time with you (and your brother). It was a pleasure meeting you and your whole family, and I am glad I will get to keep up with both of your journeys. You are a sweetheart, a beautiful girl and I believe you will continue to push the boundaries set before you! Keep it up, and know that you are a True Superhero to your parents, to your teachers, friends and family….. and of course to us!

Stay tuned for our next episode featuring XanderMan.

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  1. Robin Jensen
    December 23, 2013

    I just love the pictures. Savannah is truly a blessing in disguise. I just love her hair. It reminds me of me when I was her age. I am very bless to have to such a wonderful granddaughter like her.


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