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Ah, sweet, adorable little Paxton. What a treat it was to spend a little time with this sweetheart! In the midst of all the chaos (mentioned in the last post), he was smiley, complacent and on cue with us.  He loves to make silly faces and say Cheez!


Paxton has Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Failure to Thrive. He has Eosinophilic Gastritis which causes multiple food allergies (we sure can relate to that! Food allergies are no fun!).

IMG_0790-2Paxton loves puzzles and trains.  He loves setting up trains and watching them go around the tracks.  He likes to take things apart to figure out how they work.  He is a very smart boy.  He loves to make his 4 older siblings laugh, he is also good at getting them to do whatever he wants.


Paxton is a strong young man.  He never cries unless things get really tough.  He recently had some granulation tissue removed from his g-tube sight.  This is a very painful procedure. He made it though just fine and gave his mom a “thumbs up” when they were done.

“He’s strong. He’s the toughest kid I know. He smiles through absolutely everything. He overcomes everything put in front of him.” -Jeannie (Paxton’s mother.)


PacMan, keep up that sweet demeanor and I’m sure you will accomplish a lot in life! It was wonderful to have met you and your wonderful family, looks like you have many watching out for you. No denying that you are a True Superhero!

Stay tuned for our next episode featuring Super Antonio.


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