Joyful Jaylynn

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Jaylynn is Craig’s twin sister and together they are adorable and unstoppable! Jaylynn is beautiful and a little mini of her pretty mama. It is amazing to see the relationship she has with her brother and how they watch out for each other. She was so sweet and funny with the things she said, and it was a pleasure seeing both of them together for the first time. Although Jaylynn doesn’t walk, I forgot at times because she gets around so well by her other means!

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“My Children do hard things everyday.  They’ve been through too many trails at such a young age.  They inspire me to be a better person because they always have smiles on their faces.  They’re my little miracles.”  Jessica – Jaylynn and Craig’s mother.

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These sweet children lost their daddy over a year ago, and I know how much they’ve helped their mama through it.

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Jaylynn, you certainly are amazing and have come so far in your short life. I know you’re mommy is so proud of you and I’m so glad to know your whole family. You are a beautiful girl inside and out and Joyful is a great superhero name for you! I love that you know where you are supposed to wear a swimsuit….. “in Hawaii!” You are a True Superhero now and I know you’ll continue to do great things and be a Joy to your family as well as all those you meet!

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