Jenna The Extinguisher

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Jenna 2

Meet Jenna the Extinguisher! One by one she puts out the challenges thrown her way. Jenna is part of our Chromosome 18 family and was born with Ring 18. We get to see Jenna and her family at the conferences for Chromosome 18, and we’re happy that Jenna was our very first True Superhero shoot at a conference EVER! We had quite a great turnout at the conference and hope to be able to do it at many more conferences to come! So without further adieu, here is Jenna in our first of the True Superheroes of Chromosome 18 (other than our amazing Em, I guess she was the true first one).

Jenna 1

We love Jenna, she is sweet, adorable and has great parents who both have a wonderful sense of humor! Jenna loves the wind in her face and rough housing with her daddy.

Jenna 4

Jenna 3

Jenna has been through several surgeries, most recent were her hip surgeries where she had to wear a spica cast for 8-12 weeks afterward. Her mom let us know that she took it all a lot better than her parents did! Several months of really hard work has gotten her to bearing weight again, and she’s showing true desire to stand on her own!

Jenna 5

“Jenna has the most infectious giggle. You just can’t help but smile when you hear it.”  -Kim, Jenna’s mom

Jenna 8


Jenna 7

Jenna, thanks for letting us play with you this year at the conference! We’re happy you and your parents were so willing to have you featured in our True Superheroes gallery! You certainly have shown to us your super powers and that you belong here!

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