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Amber has Arnold Chiari which causes structural problems in the cerebellum, this affects muscle control and balance. Hydrocephalus  which is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the ventricles of the brain.  A Tethered Spinal cord, Arachnoid cyst, and Von Willa brands Disease which is a clotting and bleeding disorder.  Amber has had over 60 surgeries.

Amber 2-5
Amber 2-2

“I love that she is always laughing and smiling.”  Ruby, Amber’s mother.

Amber 2-4

Her favorite statement is “Whatever.”  She likes to say it all the time!

Amber 2-6

Amber 2-3

Amber 2-1

Amber loves to go hang out at her respite worker’s home and watch movies and get pedicures. They have movie marathons and they go to the zoo.  Amber interests are watching the Utah Jazz, Utah Utes, Denver Bronco’s and Jeff Gordon race. She loves watching sports and The Food Network.  One of her greatest accomplishments was earning her Brozne award in Girl Scouts.

Large football stadium with white fans

I’m told that Amber was super fun and easy to photograph and I’m sorry I missed out on meeting you, Amber. We are so pleased to feature you in our Ambassadors of Strength series, it’s clear that you are very deserving of that title!

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