Courageous Craig

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 | One Comment

Craig 1 star

I have had the pleasure of meeting Craig a few different times, and he never slows down! He seriously does not let one thing get in his way EVER! I love his free spirit and the fight he has in him. He has cords and lines connected to him most of the day, and you’d never even now with the way he is! And to see him with his twin sister is so fun too! Craig likes to say he’s the “man of the house” and tell everyone what to do, and I think that’s pretty darn adorable!

Craig 3 star

Craig loves trucks and cars! He also enjoys feeding his sister!

A&j 1

“Craig has overcome so much. There have been many times that we didn’t know if he’d make it. Now he’s an energetic and silly boy! He’s a fighter.” Jessica, Craig’s mother.


Craig you continue to amaze me! I love that you have been doing so well going off your oxygen for longer amounts of time! It is wonderful to see pictures and videos of you running around without your cannula and I know there will come a day when you won’t need it at all! Keep up the good work Craig! You are definitely a True Superhero to us! Keep being the amazing young man you are growing up to be, you are taking great care of your beautiful mother and sister, and I know you’re making your daddy in heaven very proud!

1 Comment

  1. Karine Romero
    July 13, 2015

    Love to see this! I have seen Craig and Jessica go through so many hard times. Craig is one tough little guy, and his mom inspires me!


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