Collin The Curious

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Collin the Curious

I enjoyed Collin in our studio because he reminds me so much of my big brother when he was that age. His quick thinking to get his sister’s mood turned around by allowing her to step on his face from under the chair, was really what impressed me with him. He is very smart and confident in the way he speaks which is what reminded me most of my big brother as a kid. He didn’t want to pose for us at first, and really only did it to get Caitlyn to participate, but as he began getting dressed in the gear and pulling out some martial arts moves, it was easy to see he was enjoying himself.

Collin fire 1

Collin was a happy and healthy child until he was 5 years old when he had an adverse reaction to his kindergarten shots, his throat closed and his body began to shut down. He was later diagnosed with celiac disease and Aspergers syndrome. Collin has the genes for both of these, and the reaction triggered them. He also has a mild heart condition and asthma that keep him from running and playing as well as he would like. As mentioned, Collin is a big brother to a sister with a lot of health problems and he is a very sweet and tender brother to her. He is the best big brother she could have. He knew she was coming before anyone else did when he told his mom that his sister was in her tummy.


Collin loves superheroes and Minecraft. His True Superhero name is, “Collin the Curious, Kind Hearted Kid”. His mother chose this name for him because he is kind, empathetic, curious, understanding, likes adventures and likes to think outside the box and pretend. He is also helpful and loves animals. He is also fiercely loyal, as already outlined by the story of him allowing his sister to step on his face in an effort to make her smile.

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Because of his regression from his reaction, Collin struggles with academics, he can only learn one on one, so he is homeschooled and works very hard toward his education. He works year-round, 6 days a week because he struggles with sitting still and over-stimulation, so his lessons have to be very shorter. His greatest accomplishment is that he has to learn things over and over again for it to be retained, after learning to read later than most of his peers, by the end of second grade, he was reading on a 5th grade level!

“Collin has always shown empathy, kindness and happiness, and is a joy to be with.” -Megan, Collin’s mother

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