Blue Lightning

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Michael will be the first in a new series we’re introducing in addition to our True Superheroes. We will now be featuring Ambassadors of Strength. So meet our first, Michael, or Mikey as his mom calls him.


Michael was diagnosed shortly after birth with epilepsy and a paralyzed digestive tract.  He had surgery to place a feeding tube and to make him keep his food in his tummy.  After that the diagnoses kept piling on.  He is now diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, gastroparesis, colonic inertia, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction, kidney disease, dysautonomia, sensory processing disorder, failure to thrive and several more minor things.  In spite of all of this he never stops fighting and he does so with a smile on his face for everyone he meets.


Mikey is currently learning to snowboard adaptively and he looks like such a natural on a board! We decided to take a quick run up the mountain to catch him in his true element (hehe, not really, photoshop is amazing, right?!)

Winter's tale

“He’s spunky, strong-willed, incredibly smart, funny, caring, kind, helpful, a huge tease, very brave, strong, he never gives up.” Katrena, Mikey’s mother.


He is learning to spell on a letterboard to communicate even though his school didn’t think he would be able to identify the letters in his own name.  This proves he has been self-teaching for years and knows so much more than the school has ever attempted to teach him.


He draws the eye of every lady he passes with his super cute curls and dark brown eyes.  Always having a smile on his face and a positive attitude about almost everything that he does. And we can’t deny how handsome this young man is! His mother asked me the night before what she should have him wear, and I told her it didn’t need to be too fancy, but she said she knew he would insist on wearing a dress shirt and tie, and he sure looked sharp! Mikey we sure enjoyed getting to know you better (even though I didn’t get to be there, I’m still glad to be learning more about you)! We are proud to feature you as our first Ambassador of Strength, thanks for showing us all your amazing strengths!

bluelighting-2We are doing an Ambassadors of Strength photo shoot in Pleasant Grove on February 21st.  Please contact me at alisha@embrephotography if you are interested in participating.

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    I’m old family friend.


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