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Adam sort of took our breath away when he and his family came in the studio! As you can see, his costume was one of a kind! His sweet mama made it for him, and I couldn’t have loved it any more. And he sure rocked it as well! Though, sadly he was done with pictures after a few shots with me…. Steve never got a chance to capture any of him before he was clearly finished with both his costume and the cameras!….. And us too I suppose 😉 But A-Game, we enjoyed our time with you, even if it was even more brief than the rest of our True Superheroes.


A-Game has  super strength and superior intelligence and intuition. He confuses the villains by posing as an innocent young boy and surprises them by knowing what they will do next and using his super-strength to stop them.


Adam was born 3 months premature and had many complications. He stayed in the neonatal ICU until he was 367 days old (WOW!). After 20 surgeries including a tracheostomy, Adam finally came home for the first time. Adam lives  with hydrocephalus, chronic lung disease, diplegic cerebral palsy,  he was also diagnosed with autism and non-verbal speech impairment. He is now 13 (14 next month though!), and has had 30 surgeries to date.  He is happy and healthy. Adam is an accomplished artist and his art has even been displayed throughout Salt Lake City (we’d love to see some pieces by the way!). He loves music of all kinds,  but really enjoys live music, and he loves, loves, loves all kinds of toys and could be considered quite the collector 🙂 Adam also has a sister his same age, she was adopted though, so no they’re not twins, yet they are two peas in a pod 🙂



“One of Adam’s greatest accomplishments was learning  to walk when he was 9 years old!  Adam is strong and determined to do what he wants, he is our little fighter.  He has his moments of being the sweetest boy in the world and has a beautiful mind.  He likes when people acknowledge him and speak to him. He does not speak, but understands a lot.   Adam chooses his friends and confidants carefully. If you are chosen to be trusted, you get to be part of a very special world, a world only seen through his beautiful blue eyes.” Tina – Adam’s mother.


Adam, it is easy to see how brilliant you are, and just because you don’t talk, doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to say 🙂 We sure think you are quite remarkable, and we are excited to continue to watch you grow and progress! Thanks for letting us be a part of your world…. if only for a moment! You truly are a True Superhero!

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    Beautifully done!!! 😉


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